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Humane society needs emergency money


The Sikeston Area Humane Society is caring for abused animals, and trying to figure out how to pay for it.

"We've been having a lot of abuse and cruelty cases lately," said Director Trace White.

The medical bills for dogs like Layla, who has mange, can be costly. White said it will probably take months for her to recover.

You might remember Traci, in one of our stories earlier this year. She was severely malnourished, and her owner was charged with animal neglect.

Even with donations, medical bills to care for the dog cases have set the humane society back about $1,200 dollars.

"Emergency vet visit, vaccinations, continued care, special food, I mean the list goes on and on," said White.

White is raising money to pay for those bills and create an emergency fund for the future.

"We're never prepared for all the cases we get, so this money so this money will kind of go into a fund and help us not become completely and utterly broke whenever we help the dogs out," said White.

He's selling shirts and bracelets, with a picture of his dog, Butters. He adopted Butters from the society, and said he's become popular with locals.

Bracelets will go for $3.00 and shirts for about $20.00, depending on the size.

"I figured it would be a good way to raise money for an emergency vet fund, like I said when we do get these cases we can have the money to kind of soften the blow," said White.

The society relies solely on donations. Friday, White said they have 6 bags of dog food and more than 70 dogs. He said those bags will last about a day and a half.

"We never stay updated on donations or dog food we're always running low on dog food," said White.

Since they use the donation money to stay afloat, he said they need this emergency fund, to care for emergency dog cases.

"So we're hoping the money will subsidize and kind of help us take care of all of the other dogs," said White.

White said they post updates on the shelter's Facebook page so people can know where their donations go.

"If people don't know what we're doing, they can't understand our need for help, we kind of thrive our self on keeping the public updated on everything we do, that way they can understand and realize when we ask for dog food or you know monetary donations, we're not just asking to have you know, it's something we desperately need, we never stay updated on donations or dog food we're always running low on dog food," said White.

If you aren't able to donate money or food, White said during the Winter months the number of volunteers trails off. He said they still need people to help out, especially to walk dogs.

The group plans to hold a 5K run November 3, 2012 at the Sikeston Depot Museum on 116 West Malone Ave. Sign in will be from 8-9:30am and the race start will be at 10:00am. It costs $15.00 to run, and all pre-registrants get a free t-shirt. For additional information call Trace White at 573-471-4801.

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