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Third grader saves mom, baby sister from fire


Quick thinking and skills learned from the Boy Scouts may have helped an 8-year-old save his mother and baby sister from a fire.

They're calling third grader Elijah Shanstrom of Kennett a hero.

"All of the sudden it sounded like a boom," said Elijah's mother, Alisha Shanstrom. "Smoke came (from) all over the place."

Elijah's skills with this fire extinguisher just might have saved his family from a fire that started in the stove.

There's still ash all over the stove. His mother says it was from an apple pie that went up in flames.

"We both at the same time went what the heck," said Alisha. "I opened the stove and the flames just jumped out everywhere."

Apparently an element inside the oven broke and started the fire.

Alisha Shanstrom says she wasn't sure what to do. But to her surprise 8-year-old Elijah immediately went into action.

"He's like, mom fire extinguisher," said Alisha. "And I said, I don't remember how to use it. And he just grabbed it and took the pin out, and did it. (He) didn't hesitate at all, wasn't scared at all in the least bit."

Elijah says he knew he had to stay calm.

"If I had freaked out like mom did, she was just standing there didn't know what to do," said Elijah. "She was so scared. I had to not freak out. I had to grab it and spray it out."

Alisha says later, Elijah told her it was something he remembered from Boy Scouts.

"Thank God for Boy Scouts," said Alisha. "He's learned a lot and it's really helped discipline him and grow into a very responsible young man."

Elijah says there's nothing he wouldn't do for his mom and baby sister Abigail.

"I love 'em," said Elijah. "I couldn't even say how much I love 'em. I love 'em so much."

Elijah says he's honored to be their hero.

"It makes me feel really good," Elijah said.

"Yesterday he saved our house and our lives," said Alisha. "He just amazes me."

Alisha had to be treated for smoke inhalation, but otherwise everyone is okay.

She says that she and her husband could not be any prouder of their son.

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