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Timeline according to the complaint

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A complaint filed by the FBI alleges Nafis first contacted an FBI confidential human source in early July 2012 to recruit the source into a jihadist cell to carry out a terror attack on U.S. soil.

The following timeline is according to the complaint filed by the FBI.

JULY 2012

July 5 - Nafis called the source on July 5 and told the source he is from Bangladesh, but came to the U.S. to wage jihad.

Nafis told the FBI source he admired "O" which the source took to mean Osama bin laden.

July 6 - Consensually recorded telephone conversation with Nafis with Nafis stating he was in New York City and wanted to recruit other to join the group.

July 6 to July 8 - Nafis, a co-conspirator, and the source began communicating via Facebook. The three discussed certain Islamic rulings that advise it is unlawful for a person who enters a country with a visa to wage jihad there. Nafis says he conferred with another individual in Bangladesh and was advised he was not bound by such rulings.

July 11 - Co-conspirator told the source that Nafis had previously told the co-conspirator he wanted to "attack and kill a high-ranking government official"

July 12 - In the early morning, Nafis tells the co-conspirator and the source he had contacts with al-Qaeda members overseas who could assist the group in planning and executing an attack on the high-ranking official.

July 14 - Nafis tells the source he intended to return to Bangladesh (likely Dec. 2012) to obtain training from al-Qaeda.

July 15 - Nafis tells an undercover law enforcement office purporting to be an al-Qaed contact that he wanted assistance from al-Qaeda in launch a terrorist attack in the United States.

July 19 - Another undercover officer posing as an al-Qaeda member and facilitator spoke with Nafis on the phone to arrange a meeting in Central Park on July 24.

July 24 - The complaint alleges Nafis met with an undercover law enforcement officer in Central Park, Nafis said, "What I really mean, is that I don't want something that's like, small. I just want something big. Something very big. Very very very very big, that will shake the whole country, that will make America, not one step ahead, change of policy, and make one step ahead, for Muslims...that will make us one step closer to run the whole world..."

"I want to do something that brothers coming after us can be inspired by us," Nafis said, according to the complaint.


Aug. 5 - Nafis told the undercover officer he was considering the New York Stock Exchange as a possible target.

Aug. 11 - Nafis met with the undercover officer in a hotel room in Queens, New York. Nafis confirmed he wanted to target the financial district of Manhattan, specifically the New York Stock Exchange. Nafis took pictures in the financial district in Manhattan of prospective targets in that area.

Aug. 23 - Nafis met with the undercover officer in a Queens hotel room. Nafis told the officer he needed a "big car with lots of fruits and vegetables in there which can blow up the whole New York Stock Exchange building." The alleges he also asked if what he was doing would be "under al-Qaeda."

Aug. 26 - FBI agents observed Nafis apparently scouting the financial district.

Aug. 27 - Nafis tells the FBI source he believed he was now a member of al-Qaeda. Nafis tells the source that his upcoming attack was going to be a "one man job."


Sept. 15 - Nafis met with the undercover officer in the Queens hotel room. Nafis told the officer he wanted to launch an attack on the financial district involving explosive devices in multiple cars with other individuals participating in the attack. He also confirmed he was ready to kill himself during the course of the attack, but indicated he wanted to go back to Bangladesh to see his family one last time.

Sept. 20 -  Nafis met with the undercover officer to identify storage spaces to conceal components for an explosive device. Nafis told the officer he was considering attacking the Federal Reserve Bank instead of, in addition to, the New York Stock Exchange. He told the officer he understood the attack would result in a large number of casualties, including women and children and still wanted to proceed.

Sept. 23 - Nafis urged the undercover officer in a telephone conversation to remind al-Qaeda leadership that he had come up with the attack plan himself and had come to the U.S. for the purposed of conducting such an attack.

Sept. 27 - Nafis met with the undercover officer. The officer told Nafis al-Qaeda leaders would not wait for Nafis to return from Bangladesh before carrying out the attack, but had authorized him to use a remote-controlled explosive device rather than launching a suicide attack. Nafis told the office he was excited by the new plant because it would allow him to conduct additional terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.


Oct. 4 - Nafis and the undercover officer traveled to a warehouse in the Eastern District of New York that he stated he believed was suitable for storing the explosives for the attack. Nafis had previously obtained numerous item for use in the explosive device. Then, Nafis and the officer purchased additional components.

Oct. 12 - Nafis and the undercover officer moved what Nafis believed to be explosive material to the warehouse and offloaded approximately 20 50-lbs. bags of the purported explosive material into a trailer. Nafis gave the undercover officer a thumb drive containing an article he had written about his motivations for his attack. That article included quotes from "[o]ur beloved Sheikh Osama bin Laden" to justify his plot likely involved killing women and children. Later, Nafis called the undercover officer he had purchased a second mobile phone that he would use to place the cell phone call to trigger the detonator for the bomb.

Oct. 13 - Nafis and the undercover officer returned to the financial district so Nafis could scout the site for his upcoming attack. During the drive, Nafis read his article aloud to the officer saying he intended it to be published in Inspire.

Oct. 15 - The undercover officer called Nafis and advised they would be ready to proceed with the attack on Oct. 17.

Oct. 16 – On Tuesday evening, Nafis called the UC and reportedly stated that he wanted to "add something" to the planned attack, and that he wanted the attack "to happen, no matter what." That call was consensually recorded.

Oct. 17 – Early Wednesday morning, Nafis and the undercover officer met and drove to the warehouse in a van.

This meeting was consensually recorded. During the drive to the warehouse, Nafis reportedly told the undercover officer that he had a ‘Plan B' which involved changing the attack into a suicide bombing operation in the event that Nafis believed the attack was about to be thwarted by police.

After arriving to the Warehouse, Nafis assembled the purported 1,000 pound explosive device, pouring the bags containing the inert explosive material into the trash bins and placing them inside the vehicle. Investigators say he also installed components for the purported detonator.

As Nafis and the undercover officer prepared to leave the Warehouse, Nafis collected the empty bags that had contained the inert explosive material and placed them in the van. Investigators say he then told the undercover officer that he was collecting the extra bags because he believed that there might be residual explosive materials in the bags that would contribute to the strength of the anticipated detonation and kill more people.

Nafis and the UC then reportedly drove in the vehicle from the warehouse to the New York Federal Reserve Bank. During this drive, Nafis explained that his jihadist views were shaped, in part, by videotaped sermons of Anwar al-Awlaki. Also, Nafis told the undercover officer that he wanted to record a video statement prior to detonating the device.

Before entering Manhattan, Investigators say Nafis armed the purported explosive device for detonation by turning on the cell phone to be used in the detonator, installing the battery in the detonator and connecting the wires linking the detonator to the explosive materials.

Upon arriving at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Investigators say Nafis and the undercover officers parked the vehicle, got out, and walked to a nearby hotel. Once inside a room at the hotel, Nafis reportedly told the undercover officer to film a video statement Nafis wanted to make concerning the attack. During a video-recorded statement to the American public, Nafis stated: "We will not stop until we attain victory or martyrdom." While making his video statement, Nafis covered his face, wore sunglasses, and disguised his voice.

After completing the video, Nafis allegedly tried several times to detonate the purported bomb by placing multiple telephone calls to the cellular telephone which he had installed as the initiating device for the detonator. By placing these calls, investigators say Nafis was attempting to detonate the purported bomb inside the vehicle which was parked next to the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

These calls by Nafis were observed by the undercover officer and captured via court-authorized pen register trap and trace devices on both the phone he used to make the calls, and the phone connected to the purported explosive device. Agents entered the vehicle and visually confirmed that the detonator had been activated. Agents then placed Nafis under arrest.

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