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Dog recovering after report of abuse


*Some of the video, pictures and statements in this story may be considered graphic.

Laura Holloway runs the SEMO Animal Rescue in Lilbourn, Missouri. She was called in after police noticed something wrong with Jasmine.

"I got Jasmine to the vet immediately and she shook her head at the vet office and skin flew off of her head," Holloway said.

Police don't know exactly what happened at this point.

"We have no idea if the injuries with this animal was sustained prior," Chief Dennis Young said. "Or, if someone did come on the facility and expose the animal to an agent of some nature or chemical."

"No animal to our knowledge has ever been harmed in animal control before in this facility," Holloway said. "This was a freak thing that happened."

"The pound just provides the very basics for maintaining shelter and care for an animal until animal rescue can assist in placements for them."

Police are asking any witnesses to come forward. No arrests have been made.

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