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Some for, against Christopher & Zeigler Royalton officially consolidating


The Christopher and Zeigler Royalton school districts have been partners on sports fields for more than 20 years. But now, a ballot battle's being waged in front yards and roadsides. At issue, is should these two districts officially consolidate?

Leading the charge in the no corner is former Zeigler Superintendent George Connor.

"The whole consolidation movement started when Christopher needs a new high school," said Connor. "They want Zeigler Royalton taxpayers to pay for it."

On the yes side is Dr. Allan Patton. He's a co-chair on a committee for consolidation.

"We're in the 21st century with a 20th century curriculum," said Patton. "We are not providing opportunities for students that they need in the future."

Both sides want to expand curriculum to include more classes, it's how to reach that goal that separates them.

But some on the no side say consolidating two small districts isn't enough.

Thursday night the two separate school boards are expected to vote on the theoretical location of a consolidated CZR.

But the true future of the districts rests with voters on November 6.

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