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Caruthersville leaders okay children's door to door trick or treating with parent


Will Halloween still happen in Caruthersville, Missouri? Originally last night the council voted to stop door to door trick or treating.

But by this afternoon, leaders decided going door to door is still doable, as long as children have an adult with them.

Parents, kids, and city leaders talked Thursday about new ways to keep Halloween alive, and children out of harm's way.

A door to door costumed quest for candy, Halloween is something kids and parents both get excited about

"That's the whole part of Halloween," said Austin Cobb, age 10. "You get to have fun go with our parents and dress up."

"It may be one of those days when you can be whatever you want to be," said his dad, Kevin Cobb.

Tons of fun if you go about it safely, but Caruthersville city leaders feels that's not always what happens. So this year they looked at some changes.

"I think maybe some of the residents have misunderstood the concept and the activity it is not the idea to ban trick or treating," said Mayor Diane Sayre.

The city wants to put the word: If you go door to door you must be with a parent. Running the streets alone won't be tolerated.

You might call it a compromise, originally at Wednesday night's council meeting, leaders voted to nix any door to door activity all together.

But by Thursday afternoon decided kids could still go from house to house as long as a responsible adult goes along

"Contrary to what some may think we are not banning Halloween," said Mayor Sayre. "We are not banning trick or treating we are trying to provide a safer alternative activity."

That alternative activity will be a trunk or treat event at the Public Safety Center. 

Assistant Chief of Police, Jerry Hudgens says it's a proactive approach to keep kids safe

"The children are focused more on that next piece of candy or getting their friends than they are the traffic," said Hudgens.

They also worry about kids crossing busy roads like Highway 84, and sex offenders that may fly under the radar. They also want to keep residents in their homes safe.

"The city is not trying to take anything away we are trying to make it safer," added Hudgens.

The city hopes for a large turnout at the Trunk or Treat event. It starts at the Public Safety Center right after the parade.

Again, for now Halloween will live on in Caruthersville, but kids going door to door must have an adult along.

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