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YourTurn - 10/5/12

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In response to the comments sent in to YourTurn by Gene Ditto last week, William Byrnes of Carbondale wrote in to add his two cents. He writes:

"...the original Constitution called for the President to be the person receiving the majority of votes in the electoral college and the Vice President to be the candidate who ran second. This caused problems in the elections of our second and third presidents. In 1796 John Adams (Federalist) received the majority of votes in the college and Thomas Jefferson (Democratic Republican) received the next highest number. As these two men had been friends since the Second Continental Congress, it seemed like a perfect match. However as they could not agree on the relationship between the United States and France, it resulted in a venomous fight in the newspapers.

In 1800 Jefferson received 73 votes in the College, and Aaron Burr received 73 votes. This threw the election to the House of Representatives, where each state got one vote…the House went through numerous votes but all were ties until Alexander Hamilton...persuaded enough of the congressman (in Burr's Party) vote for Jefferson securing the presidency.

This incident proved something needed to change. The 12th amendment was ratified in 1803, changing the process to the one we have today.

The Electoral College was created partially because of communication and transportation issues in collecting the vote and in the fact that the framers were not confident that the common people could be trusted with the selection of our chief magistrate. The increase in our literacy rate might justify our revisiting that institution again."

Thank you Mr. Byrnes for your letter.

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