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Apartment fire in Poplar Bluff puts tenants without home


A fire destroyed about a dozen apartments in Poplar Bluff, leaving the tenants without a home.

Fire officials say the fire started about 8 PM Thursday evening at the apartment building on the 1100 block of North Main.

"That smoke, it goes from 0 to 60 in 2.2," said Michael Porter, one of the displaced residents.

"The smoke started coming in his apartment real thick, the thickets, blackest smoke you've ever seen," Robert Mitchell, another tenant.

"We had smoke rolling out, out of my bathroom, just black billowy smoke, I said Mike let's get out of here, something's going on," said Porter.

"A lot of fire on the other side, a lot of smoke on this side, saw gray smoke coming out of the top floor," said Mitchell.

"I went upstairs and got my cousin, to get out the house because the fire was spreaded everywhere," said Anthony Youngblood, a tenant.

Youngblood said he lost his home, and his business.

"I'm a local DJ and I got all my equipment in this building, and so I'm basically taking a big loss," said Youngblood.

He said he lost thousands of dollars of equipment, and doesn't know what he'll do now.

"It's like starting your whole life all over again, I mean you can't get that stuff back, we lost a lot of memories," said Youngblood.

Porter said he's lived in the apartment complex for years, and couldn't believe what he saw Thursday night.

"I was disappointed because I knew it was gone," said Porter. "Pretty tough you know, pretty tough."

Porter said he sees a slight good in the bad situation. He said he's glad everyone made it out safely, and thinks the time of the fire helped.

"The good thing was it happened early in the evening everyone was awake then, because if somebody's sleeping like me, I might not have walked out there," said Porter.

While people made it out safely, tenants said their stuff did not.

"I went racing around the other side where my apartment is, see if I could salvage anything, you know, and the apartment next to mine, and the one above me, was all fully engulfed, there was electrical in between floors popping, I knew right then I couldn't get in there," said Mitchell.

Now, the tenants are looking where to turn.

"Red Cross came in last night and they pretty much, they came in and help the people, put them up where they need to be, gave them homes or shelter," said Youngblood.

"Stay with family for a little while till I can get back on my feet," said Mitchell. "Try to pick up the pieces, got what I could out of there."

"Just trying to start over one day at a time," said Youngblood.

"I'll be ok," said Porter.

After an investigation fire officials ruled the cause of the fire accidental.

If you want to help the fire victims, contact your local Red Cross chapter. Or people can make a donation to Red Cross disaster services by going to redcross.org, texting REDCROSS to 90999 or by calling 1-800-REDCROSS.

If you would like to make a donation directly to your local Red Cross Chapter please contact Sara Gerau, Executive Director Financial Development, Southeast Missouri Chapter via email sara.gerau@redcross.org or mail your donation to:

American Red Cross

Southeast Missouri Chapter

2430 Myra Drive

Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

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