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YourTurn - 9/28/12

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Gene Ditto of East Prairie wrote in to YourTurn this week and here is what he had to say in response to our viewpoint about getting out the vote:

"If you really want people to get out and vote, there needs to be a movement to do away with the electoral college (that elects the president) and let the popular vote count. No one will ever know what kind of difference it would have made if Mr. Al Gore had been our president who was elected by the popular vote but lost because of the electoral college vote. I do vote, but don't vote for the president for just that reason.

On the other hand for the two people running for the top seat, if the winner would be elected president and the other would be appointed vice president that would create a much different environment for getting out to vote. Some would say that wouldn't be right to have different parties and those two positions at the same time! Why not? The House, the Senate and Congress have that mix. Think about it"

Thanks Gene. Folks, let us know your thoughts by writing to us here at the station.

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