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Former Kennett police officer accused of pawning department issued rifle


A former Kennett police officer faces theft charges after allegedly pawning a police department owned rifle.

Trina Bell is facing charges of receiving stolen property for allegedly pawning a city owned firearm.

Bell resigned from the department back in July of 2012. Police say she pawned her department issued assault rifle for $500 in January of 2012.

Court documents show that a police officer noticed the M-16 Colt rifle in a local pawn shop. After running a check on the gun it was determined it was Bell's rifle.

Police say the rifle was issued to Bell in late 2011 to use for practice. Police say Bell was asked to return the rifle that was in a black nylon case, but never did.

Bell told police that her estranged husband had taken the rifle in a nylon case to his home in Hornersville.

Bell told police her husband had told her to pawn the rifle if she needed the money.

Police say Bell admitted to pawning the rifle, but thought the gun was her estranged husband's rifle.  

The husband told police he switched rifle cases and put hers in his case because he didn't want the gun to get scratched.

Bell told police she didn't know the guns were switched, went to her estranged husband's home and took the weapon without his knowledge.

Police say Patrick Bell denied giving permission for Trina Bell to pawn a gun when they were together, but not his gun.  According to court documents, Patrick Bell could not produce the rifle because he had to get rid of it, didn't have documentation, and a family member was using it.

Trina Bell told police she paid $600 to get the rifle out of pawn when she found out it was the department's rifle.

Police say Patrick Bell's rifle still hasn't been inspected by them.

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