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Illinois seniors fear programs may be cut


All state-supported agencies in Illinois face shortfalls in funding, but senior citizens at one local adult daycare hope their program remains a priority.

Donna Eyestone is just one of many seniors who come to the Addus Healthcare adult daycare every day.

"It provides two meals a day, they have a bus that picks me up and takes me home," said Eyestone.

Donna and other seniors fear those services may be at risk. Without them, some elderly folks might not be able to prepare themselves a hot meal at home. Or worse - they may not be able to stay in their homes anymore.

"If funding gets cut, (seniors) are concerned they'll have to go to a skilled nursing home or assisted living facility," said Addus Adult Daycare Director Sharol Carter. "They want to stay in their homes with home-based programs. That's where the department of aging comes in, it allow folks to stay in the community."

If the department on aging cuts adult daycare or other home health services, Carter says it won't save the state any money. She says it may actually cost the state more in Medicaid in the long run.

"The money all comes out of the state of Illinois, but our program is much more affordable than skilled nursing facilities," Carter said.

"Hopefully in the department of aging they'll do what they can to cut administrative costs, and put resources where they are necessary in places like home healthcare and adult daycare," said Rep. John Bradley of Marion.

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