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Do you know what part-time school is?

Joy and Christine Mueller Joy and Christine Mueller

If you've ever debated between traditional schooling and home schooling for your child, there might be a happy medium.

"My goal is always going to be to get an excellent education for our kids," said Christine Mueller.

For Mueller's daughter, that's through part-time schooling.

"I don't know it's really normal to me," said Mueller's daughter Joy Mueller.

Joy is a part-time senior at Cape Central High School. She studies literature and history with an expert, her mom, at home. She attends math, science, and music classes at the public high school.

"I want my kids to have an excellent math and science education as well, something I cannot provide," said Christine Mueller.

"With home schooling, you can go as fast or as slow as you need to, so if you're really good at it you can do harder stuff, but if you really need help on it, you can slow down, and like really concentrate on that," said Joy Mueller.

Mueller said the dual school has paid off. Joy took the ACT test, and said she scored highest on literature, a subject she studies at home.

"Sometimes I do feel intimidated and I do think, have I taught her well enough, have I put her on the right track, and the ACT score just backed it up, and I was very, very happy," said Christine Mueller.

Joy also accelerates in music, and plays on Cape Central's band.

"She was musically gifted, I can't teacher her to play the flute, and I certainly couldn't teach her to play the bassoon," said Christine Mueller.

Both mother and daughter said they home schooling has created a stronger bond between the two of them.

"We've shared so much, especially through reading together," said

But Joy said she still has good friends at school.

"I guess they think it's cool because I get to come to school later," said Joy Mueller.

Christine Mueller keeps very detailed records of Joy's home school work. The Cape Central counselor tells me if all requirements are met, Joy will graduate with a diploma from Cape Central High School.

Joy Mueller said she's filling out applications for college, and plans to study engineering.

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