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Did Jesus have a wife?


A Harvard scholar said she's found a historical paper that suggests that some early Christians believed Jesus Christ had a wife.

Karen King, a professor at Harvard's divinity school announced she found a 4th century fragment of a special scroll. She said it is the first evidence to show that some believe Jesus was married.

Now scholars are questioning the authenticity and significance of the much-publicized discovery. Scholars are disputing the paper, with one saying there were "thousands of scraps of papyrus where you find crazy things."

King said the text includes a dialogue in which Jesus refers to quote "my wife," whom he identifies as Mary.

Local Heartland Pastor Anthony Kobak from Hanover Lutheran Church said he's gotten a couple calls from church members asking about the discovery.

Kobak said he too questions the authenticity of the finding, because of the language of the writing.

"When the text came up it was in Coptic which I found quite unusual, because most of the language done at the time of Christ was written in Greek," said Kobak.

King said she believes the Coptic writing is a translation from an earlier Greek text.

Kobak said he is also suspect of where the writing came from, since it doesn't appear to match any other scripture.

Even if the paper and ink prove to be authentic, to Kobak, it doesn't mean it's true.

"Coptic text of biblical nature usually are found they're written around the 4th century so this text would come out about 400 AD, which is 400 years from the time of Christ is a long time to go, like if you were to write something about George Washington today, that was only 300 years ago, so think how authentic you would be if you wrote something about George Washington," said Kobak.

Whether or not Jesus has a wife, Kobak said that doesn't change their faith. He said the bible is about Jesus Christ, nothing else.

"This text mentioning Jesus has a wife, has no bearing on the scripture message so it has no bearing on our faith for anything that's said on this piece of paper, because the bible's about Jesus Christ, it's not about anything else," said Kobak.

Kobak said he thinks it's odd for anyone to question their faith over a piece of paper no larger than a business card.

"I just think we need to stick to the scripture to the text we've been given, we've been handed down from generation to generation, to treat Old Testament text, and New Testament text that is found in its original state and how its reproduced without error, versus adding a text found randomly in a museum with no proof of where it came from, I mean there's no reference other than a scrap of paper, it's kind of odd to question your faith over something so minor," said Kobak.

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