Internet Your Best Cabin Fever Friend

Even if you're not sure about the roads when it snows, chances are your phone line is working well enough to get on the internet, and that may be your best way to reach the rest of the world for the next couple of days.  Surfing the net may cut the cabin fever....but it also is a great source of finding weather and road conditions, and getting in touch with Santa.  When the weather turns bad, you need to know where to find timely information about conditions outside. takes care of that...our Storm Center 2000 web-page is being constantly updated with the latest radar and forecasting maps.   For road conditions, all states  in the Heartland provide up-to-the-minute information on their department of transportation web sites...sites like this in Illinois.   Just point and click.   Another valuable site you should check out for anywhere in the country is  'Course Santa is used to snow year-round, and he's pretty busy reading wish lists right now, but if you're worried the mail may not get your child's requests on time, try some of these sites....most of them will let you e-mail Santa right then and there.   Put "e-mail Santa" in your favorite search engine, and you'll find plenty... Canadian site is especially fun...there are a lot of games and christmas-oriented activities here.