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Prices at fair upset some, others don't mind

Viewers contacted KFVS to say they're upset about the higher prices at the SEMO District Fair.

Some people said they didn't go because of the higher prices, others said they wouldn't miss the food and rides.

Pete Poe, with the SEMO District Fair said the individual vendors make their own prices.

He said those prices could go up because of higher fuel costs, higher food costs, and higher labor costs.

He said the prices at the gate are the same, but the prices of the wristbands went up from $22 to $25.

Poe said they offered the cheaper wristband prices from last year during a special before the start of the fair.

He said other prices did not change.

"The prices that are directly affected by the fair remain constant for the last several years, ticket prices and the grandstand events," said Poe. "We have not increased our prices to the vendors we have not increased our prices at the gate we have not increased out prices at the grandstand."

Some people said they didn't even realize the higher prices, other said they could see the change.

"The prices were a little too high than usual," said Theresa Oberts.


Oberts said if prices go much higher in the future, they might not attend.

"We almost couldn't afford it this year so probably maybe," said Oberts.

Some kids said their parents made them pay some of their own money this year to help with the cost. One girl said her mother paid for one day, and she paid for the other.

"Because she didn't want to pay for both days, it seemed fair," said Alexis Hanback.

"It's really expensive sometimes," said Olivia Horrell.

"I said wow that was a lot of money to come here, I didn't realize it would cost that much," said Hanback to her mother after she paid for the first day at the fair.

But the kids tell me despite the extra money, they still want to go to the fair.

"Because I really like coming and hanging out with all my friends and riding all the rides," said Hanback.

"Because it's fun," said Makenzie Bargar.

"Well I have to pay for any games I want to play, I have to pay for that but my parents pay for everything else," said Horrell.

Despite the higher prices, Poe said attendance at the fair was up by ten percent on Saturday.

"We like the food we also like the rides," said Oberts.

Poe also said they have 11 more vendors at the fair this year, compared to last year.

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