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Some happy to work on Labor Day


On a day of celebrating the labor of American workers, few people were actually laboring.

But, there were some employees that for them, it was business as usual.

"I tear tickets, and pretty much cleanup," said Sydney Dzurny, an usher at Wehrenberg Theatre Cape West 14 Cine in Cape Girardeau.

"Working on labor day, somebody has to do it," said Dzurny.

She said she knows it's a busy day for the movie theatre, and is glad she can help others enjoy their day off.

"In a way it's alright because I don't get to see my family, but at the same time I'm helping others because they get to spend time with their family," said Dzurny.

Dzurny said she even had the chance to see her own family.

"I actually got to see my parents they came in a saw a movie, so I got to say hello to them," said Dzurny.

"All your friends and family are out having barbeques, or out on the lake or something like that, that you are kind of jealous, but to be honest with you, working on Labor Day is that bad, big of a deal," said Evan Pingel.

Pingel works for Cape Aviation at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport. He said he's happy to work this holiday.

"A lot of people I know are struggling to even find a job and I'm happy to just have a job and work especially in a place I love to work," said Pingel.

Both Dzurny and Pingel, and a few other Labor Day workers, had something in common, they were college students trying to earn a buck.

"I need as much money as I can, I got to pay the rent, and also pay back student loans so as much work as I can get it great for me," said Pingel.

"Of course being a college student, everybody needs money, so whenever you're in college and you're trying to make ends meet, it's a pretty good job," said Dzurny.

Other full time workers said they get paid a time and a half wage, and are glad to work, so they can earn that extra cash.

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