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Meeting held to decide future of Olive Branch


The Olive Branch Community Development Corporation held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the town's options for preventing a repeat of last year's flooding.

During the meeting, the corporation outlined what it would like to do. The goal is to build a bigger town in another area and use Horseshoe Lake to draw people into town.

"Olive Branch is a good place to live," said Sydney Miller with the Olive Branch Community Development Corporation. "Some people live here all their life, they don't want to move. If we can get horse show lake developed and we can draw people from Cape Girardeau to come over to our town, spend money over in our area, fish in our lakes, bring the kids over, again get our lake developed and if they want to move over here, they can move over here."

Some members of the Olive Branch community have already accepted government buyouts, so they are moving regardless of what the town decides to do.

People in other parts of the town that didn't flood, including some businesses, did not accept any type of buyout. So if the town floods again, they would be out of luck.

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