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Heartland helpers go to coast for Isaac relief


Red Cross volunteers in the Heartland went to Florida to help with disaster relief, but could move as the storm does.

Two different groups went to Florida to help.

Margaret Makins said her group was in the Tampa area Monday waiting for the next assignment. She said since the storm didn't hit where they had originally thought, they will relocate to where the help is needed.

"There's a lot of patience that has to come along with being a volunteer, cause you don't always know what's going to happen," said Makins.

Another Heartland couple said they're with a group in Tallahassee Monday. Martha Harmon said they're driving an Emergency Response Vehicle, which is stocked with water and food for people in the shelters.

Makins said for the most part, people in the area are calm, and said they've been through this type of thing before.

"Everybody's in good spirits, the Floridians are pretty much used to this type of weather, so they're not panicked, they're in good spirits too," said Makins.

"The weather has rained, wind blow, all that kind of thing, we went through a tornado warning this morning with severe rain, thunder, lightning, and this would be a good thing to have in southeast Missouri, I haven't seen it in so long, I was beginning to wonder what the wet stuff was falling around us," said Harmon.

Makins said there are about 500 Red Cross volunteers in the Florida area.

"We've had a lot of chaos due to the fact that we just didn't know where the storm was going to do the most damage, and due to the fact that they have the national republican convention here, they have brought more volunteers in to do work," said Makins.

If you want to help, Makins said the best way is to donate to the Red Cross. She said that way they can get the needed supplies to the correct areas.

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