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YourTurn - 8/31/12

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Linda Harris from Cape Girardeau wrote in to Your Turn last week to share this about the Todd Akin Mess. Linda says:

"This hullabaloo about Todd Akin has gone beyond the pale. Every sitting elected official has had the proverbial "foot in mouth" moment and it has been dissed and then people have moved on. We all have done it, said the wrong thing at the wrong time, but that doesn't mean we are bad.

 I think the politicians are running this issue in the ground. The gentleman has apologized profusely and still stands for his basic values. I for one believe he is in contrite in his apology and would make an excellent representative for my state.

 His views show how we have come to depend on the "government" for everything and that is not what it was intended to be. We as a people must stand on our own two feet and make our way, not depend on being spoon fed by the powers that be. When we expect the government to provide everything, it expects us to be subservient to it and that is not the way our fore fathers meant it to be.

The government is meant to SERVE the people, not GIVE us our daily bread."

Linda, thanks for your opinion. Folks if you have thoughts to share on this or any other topic, send them to us here at the station.

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