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Dressing for success at Cape Girardeau schools

School officials reported few problems on the first day. School officials reported few problems on the first day.

After months of debate, a controversial dress code in the Cape Girardeau Central School District is in place.

Some love it and others hate Cape Girardeau public school's new policy.

It's been an ongoing issue for months - but what happens now that students are back in class and the guidelines take effect?

It's a whole new face for fashion for every kid in Cape Girardeau public schools with student wearing polo shirts, solid pants and spirit wear.

A dress code put in place by administrators to put a bigger focus on less on wardrobes, and everybody wondered how the first day would go.

"It was very nice. They looked so grown up and they were so proud of themselves," said Principal Rhonda Durham.

At Franklin Elementary, students had good things to say.

"I like the uniform - it's one color shirt and then I have all these kind of shoes," said third grader Madison Robinson.

"It's special to the others and respectful to all kinds of and different kinds," said third grader Larome Harley.

Younger students said uniforms make them feel grown up.

"They look like you're going to work but you have to wear a uniform to work makes learning more special," said second grader Bailie Distefano.

"if you want to come to school you 'ain't got to come raggedly," said Madison Robinson. "You can come to school like you're respectful."

Principals say almost every child came to school dressed appropriately. Even though some parents told us they had trouble finding sizes, and weren't sure which denim was approved

"We will not send a child home on the first couple of days we know how chaotic that is we will just help for the parents," said Principal Durham.

Over at the junior high, principals also felt pleased with how things were going.

"So far so good.  I've addressed a few students for a striped shirt instead of a solid a couple kids missing a belt and almost no problems what so ever," said Asst. Principal Alan Burns.

"The kids were real respectable we are going to spend a note home with them today," added Burns. "(We've) got the situation addressed and documented, no consequences and everything is in order for tomorrow."

All in all both teachers and students say they now breathe a sigh of relief to have the first day behind them.

With wardrobe anxiety out of the way they are ready to get down to what school's all about, learning.

High school Principal Mike Cowan also says they had no issues at the high school either.

"Not one," he said. "Those who needed to make adjustments did so with our help or the help of parents. We had only about 25 out of approximately 1100 who were out of compliance. I had anticipated it would be good but even I was surprised by just how good it has been. Now, let's see if we can make it two days in a row."

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