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Marquand group works to better town



In the middle of a down economy, Marquand's making huge strides in business, thanks to the hard work of the people who live there.

In 1989, resident Denny Ward decided to build a better community. So he and 12 others started the Marquand Development Corporation.

The idea being the group would make improvements to the community that would improve and grow the community.

Many in the community credit the community effort in attracting businesses and growing the town, instead of drying up, like many other small towns.

"It's been a long process, but it's taking, as your heard, it takes a village to accomplish anything and it's been the case here," said Denny Ward with the Marquand Development Corporation. "It's been a lot of support, a lot of tenacity from a lot of people and just determination to see it survive, see it be successful."

"People that live here actually care and there's people that grew up here, went to school here, moved off and now they're coming back to help," said Lethia Homan with the Marquand Development Corporation.

"Grants haven't paid for it all," said Brenda Myers with the Marquand Development Corporation. "There's a lot of dedicated people who've been out several dollars to see this accomplished."


The community sets aside certain work days. As many as 200 residents show up on the work days and volunteer time, money, and tools for projects that better Marquand.

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