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YourTurn - 8/13/12

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Mary Morris of Carbondale wrote in last week to add this about the Chick-Fil-A debate.

"I am getting fed up with this whole Chick-fil-a nonsense. I joined the military and fought to defend the beliefs of the greatest country on Earth. We are a melting pot of religions, cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs. Our founding fathers recognized this, and that is why we have so many freedoms to believe in, and do what we want. If the CEO of a company believes a certain thing to be, then those are HIS PERSONAL beliefs. I'm sure if I polled everyone on my friends list about politics, abortion, religion, or even dug deeper to include your stereotypes, views on gay rights, women's rights, or views on racism......NO ONE would agree. When did we lose the ability to disagree without becoming so disagreeable? I blame it on the media. We've become so dependent on things like talk radio, opinionated news, facebook, and twitter to tell us what we think that we are becoming a nation of lemmings. Think for yourself and respect the ability of others to think for themselves too."

Thanks Mary, If you would like to share your view with the Heartland, write us here at the station.

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