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Emergency program approves thousands of water projects for MO producers, farmers


The emergency cost-share program established by Gov. Jay Nixon, designed to provide water for Missouri farmers and livestock producers, has approved 3,712 applications from across Missouri.

Gov. Nixon stated that agriculture is the backbone of Missouri's economy and that his administration is working hard to provide emergency relief to farmers and producers facing water shortages due to the extreme drought conditions.

This emergency program is helping protect the livelihood of what he called a vital pillar of our community: farmers and producers.

On July 23, Gov. Nixon authorized the State Soil and Water Districts Commission to establish the emergency program to provide much needed relief to Missouri's agriculture community. To be eligible for the program, projects had to provide immediate and material relief to the applicant. This authorization came the same day that the governor signed an executive order declaring Missouri in a state of emergency because of the severe drought.

As of August 8, Gov. Nixon reported that the emergency cost-share program had approved a total of $18.7 million to help those approved applicants. The program will cover 90 percent of the cost of an emergency water project, such as digging or deepening a well. The applicant is then responsible for the remaining 10 percent.

Gov. Nixon also stated that he appreciates all of the dedicated people working for and with the local soil and water districts, the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Missouri Soil and Water Program for all the long hours they put in to review and screen the applications that were submitted.

Funding for the emergency program comes from unallocated reserve funds provided by the State Soil and Water Districts Commission and state resources that were made available by Gov. Nixon through House Bill 8, which allows the governor authority to direct funds for "responding during a declared emergency...provided the services furnish immediate aid and relief."

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