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Facebook cracking down on fake profiles


If you have a Facebook profile for your pet, Facebook could shut it down.

In an updated filing this week, Facebook says as they calculate their average revenue per user, they realize there are inherent problems in finding an accurate number since many Facebook users have duplicate or fake accounts. So Facebook says they want to shut those down.

Facebook estimates 45.8 million users are duplicate accounts, and 2.4% are misclassifications, meaning they're personal profiles that someone made for companies, groups, or pets. The company says those should actually be pages.

The last 1.5% are usually undesirable accounts, meaning accounts created for spam.

One Cape Girardeau man said he doesn't like the idea of Facebook shutting down these fake accounts.

"I believe they shouldn't cut down, you know what I mean, social network, this is what it's for, you know if a person's going to exercise social development, they've got to get out there, you know if they can't get out there, it's going to be a waste of time," said Damien Howell.

Detective Scott Phelps and Detective Greg Brainard with the Poplar Bluff Police Department Cyber Crimes Department weighed in with their thoughts.

Phelps said if Facebook shuts down the fake accounts, it can only help cut down on a tool commonly used to harass, stalk, and entice.

Brainard said he thinks it will have a big impact on young people and cyber bullying since people won't be able to hide behind a false name.

Brainard did say he wonders if Facebook shuts down a false account, what will stop someone from starting a new fake one.

You can take a look at Facebook's report here.

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