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Some SIU students would like fast food chain to leave campus


There's been talk of banning Chick-fil-A in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and at SIU in Carbondale.

Some SIU students started a petition on to gather signatures in support of ousting Chik-fil-A from SIUs student center.

"We need to have a welcoming and open climate on our campus, and that means removing businesses that promote the hatred of some of our students," said SIU Grad Student Jessi Miller.

Other students say removing the business isn't the answer.

SIU Chancellor Rita Cheng says the university can't just ask Chick-fil-A to leave.

"The fast-food chain is under contract for another six years, and if that contract's broken the university would incur significant costs which would have a negative impact upon services that can be provided to our students," Chang said.

That said, Cheng encourages students, staff and faculty to choose where they want to eat based on their own values.

So while ousting the chicken chain from SIU might not be possible at this point, student protestors say they hope their efforts will at least cut in to Chik-fil-A's bottom line.

Petitions have not been presented to SIU administrators yet.

Chancellor Rita Cheng says in the years Chick-fil-A's been on campus the university has never received any complaints of any discriminatory conduct. 

We reached out to Chick- fil-A.  A corporate spokesman did return our call and said concerning this, and talk of other bans, that Chick-fil-A has no comment.

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