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Multiple bomb threats in Fredericktown


The FBI is investigating multiple bomb threats in Fredericktown.

Nine Missouri Walmarts saw threats last Friday, the Fredericktown location being one of them. Madison County Sheriff David Lewis said there was another threat at the Walmart Monday.

Tuesday, Lewis said someone called in bomb threats to Walmart, McDonalds, and City Hall. He said each building was evacuated and investigated, but authorities didn't find anything.

"I really don't understand, I think it's really crazy," said Becky Whitmer of Fredericktown.

"I'm surprised, I don't know what to think at this point," said Todd Weaklend of Fredericktown.

"Not again," said Fredericktown Mayor Kelly Korokis referring to what people are saying to her.

"My biggest fear was blowing up, I mean I don't want to go that way," said Cindy Kannenberg of Fredericktown.

Kannenberg said she was in Walmart during the bomb scare Monday.

"They told us all to not take any of our un-purchased merchandise, go to the center of the store, and walk out in an orderly fashion," said Kannenberg.

Kannenberg said she started thinking about the other recent bomb threats.

"All this time I'm thinking wow that's not good because this has happen already, and now it happened again today," said Kannenberg.

She said the threats are keeping her and other customers away.

"I'll go to that dollar store again before I go to Walmart again," said Kannenberg. "If I've got to walk through the store in fear of not knowing whether I'm going to be able to get my stuff or it's going to blow up to you know while I'm holding my cart, I don't think I want to go."

"You've got to go shopping, you've got to get groceries and stuff," said Janis Zumwalt of Fredericktown.

Zumwalt said the threats don't scare her.

"You just have to live your life every day, it don't scare me," said Zumwalt.

"It does concern us," said Weaklend.

Weaklend owns Freedom Embroidery in Fredericktown, and is concerned as a business owner.

"It has me a little bit concerned," said Weaklend. "We don't want anything to happen with our store; we don't want anything to happen to our community."

He said he just wants to know what's going on.

"People need to know, hey is this just a hoax or is this actually something going on, and I hope they get the person," said Weaklend.

The threats have people like Whitmer, a mother, worried.

"I take it seriously, I take everything, anything of a threat seriously," said Whitmer.

The threats have others, like Korokis, frustrated.

"It's very frustrating because it takes our volunteer fireman, our police department, our county, it takes our street guys you know to put up barricades, and it's very frustrating," said Korokis.

Korokis said the threats Tuesday affected city budget meetings, McDonald's lunch hour, and Walmart back-to-school shopping.

"Kind of want to say oh no not again, and kind of go on, but you can't you've got to treat each situation as if it's a real threat," said Korokis.

"Every call, every call, every call, they're crying wolf every call, what's going to happen whenever that one call comes in and they're thinking argh, again, boom, the whole town goes up, what's going to happen then," said Kannenberg.

"I hope they catch him, I really do," said Weaklend.

"I wish we could find whoever's doing this and put a stop to it," said Korokis.

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