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Saving the soybean crop in southern Illinois


A slow drizzling rain on Sunday was just what soybean farmers in Southern Illinois wanted to see.

And it came at a critical stage in the soybean crop's growth.

"A lot of beans have been essentially standing dormant over the past two to three weeks in this situation without enough moisture," said Richard Borgsmiller president of the Jackson County Farm Bureau. " This will help rejuvenate them and maybe start the plants setting some blossoms."

And Borgsmiller say the soybean fields that have already set bean pods will greatly benefit from the rain Sunday morning.

"Those beans that did have a few pods on them the beans right now are very small that was in the pods. A little rain like this will swell that bean and make it bigger," said Borgsmiller.

But, as much as the rain is welcomed by soybean farmers, Borgsmiller says it's still not the saving grace for the harvest.

"This just saved it for another week, that's all this has done," said Borgsmiller. "We still need more rains throughout the month of August as well as some moderate temperatures."

That may be a lot to ask for because August is typically the hottest, and driest month of the year in Southern Illinois.

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