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7/29/12 - Fair and Accurate

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Jim Stone from East Prairie wrote in last week, here is a portion of what he had to say:

"I here your morning newscasters say most mornings that according to "the polls" Obama and Romney are in a dead heat, this is not the only time it's been done I'm just giving a good example. Your people disperse a lot of news without giving its origin, you know, where the information comes from or the base platform it came through...There are no accusations from me of fraudulent reporting, please I'm not saying that, but I just like to verify the information with all the untruth's in newscasting going on today or the lack of news reporting, (and I have not found that with KFVS12) I just want to know I can believe the news stories coming over the wire…"

These days it seems everyone is polling and then spinning their results to suit their specific needs and Jim is not alone in his distrust of the media. Gallup research from last fall indicated that 55% of Americans have little or no trust in the media. Why? The line between opinion and hard factual news has become blurred - thanks to the proliferation of new news sources. We are inundated with web sites, blogs, twitter feeds, cable networks, and talk radio that all seem to push an agenda. It is distressing to those of us who work in local media.

You should know that political bias is not something we do. Each day at KFVS12 our journalists strive to get the facts right and the story straight and we will continue to do our dead level best to make sure we're citing only the most accurate sources. We also know that we're not perfect. If you believe we fall short of that goal or that a story is off base, let us know about it. Our mission is to be fair and accurate, telling all sides of a story, and working hard continuing to build your trust. That's what news coverage should be about.

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