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Sikeston bans tobacco at youth sports venues


Sikeston city leaders approved a city policy that bans smoking and chewing tobacco at youth sports venues.

The city council passed the policy on May 23 and recently have begun posting the signs.

"By you doing it in front of your kids, it only sends the message that it's ok to do it," said Yvonne Walker, a mother of two. "If you try not to do it in front of them, it could send a positive message."

Penny Hunter, a park regular, says she doesn't see a need for it.

"It's not a matter of being bad or good, I don't know how necessary it is because I've never seen anyone smoke," Hunter said. "I use the park fairly regularly and I have never run into that problem."

The recommendation to the council came from an advisory board that works closely with coaches and others involved in youth sports.

Because it is a policy, no fines or penalties can be assessed for violating it. The city hopes residents police each other.

As of now, the city has not received any dissenting comments.

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