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Sikeston Humane Society receives surveillance equipment donation


Abused and neglected dogs have been dropped off in record numbers at the Sikeston Humane Society.

Workers at the Sikeston Humane Society say almost two dozen dogs were dropped off over a period of four days.

Workers posted the problem on Facebook and one woman stepped up with a big gift of surveillance equipment.

Now, 24/7 if you try to drop off an animal at the Sikeston Humane Society, you will be caught on tape.

Many of the dogs dropped off last week were neglected and hungry and showed signs of possible breeding and abuse.

Some kittens were tied up in laundry baskets. Many of the dogs were just near the building running free. Workers spent days trying to catch some of the dogs to care for them.

The Humane Society is located near Highway BB, which is a busy road.

Trace White with the Humane Society put out the word out about the animals and overcrowding on Facebook. It was pictures of a malnourished pit bull that broke hearts.

"She was god awful," White said. "She didn't have the muscle mass to stand up it took a lot for her to come to me."

Pictures of Carly led Janice Copland to donate a security system complete with surveillance camera.

Carly is now up for adoption at the Sikeston Humane Society.

The Humane Society could not take care of most of the dogs that were rescued. Dogs were transported to rescue centers across the nation.

They have a 360 view of the entire place that sends a text and email when it detects motion.

They've been able to catch several drop-offs on camera. 

If they catch you on camera dropping of animals or doing anything else around this property police will be called.

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