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Drought takes its toll on lawn, gardens


The Heartland is experiencing well below the average rainfall for this type of year, which is playing havoc for gardens and lawns.

Local experts say we just need a few inches of rain to get lawns and gardens back on track.

If you're watering your lawn daily to try to restore its color, that may not be the best thing.

Watering lawns, especially newer ones, during an extended dry spell can cause lots of crab grass.

If you're not watering and your lawn is dormant, there's not much you can do.

"If you're not watering, you're lawn is probably completely dormant," says Joe Touchette with Plants Plus in Cape Girardeau.  "Unfortunately there are a lot of lawns that have new grass, and because we've had hot, dry summers the past three years, a lot of new grass and lawns aren't making it through the drought."

Touchette also said if you're heading out on vacation, you need to make sure someone will water your potted plants.

They can't go more than a couple of days without water.

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