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7/15/12 - Made in America

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With a fanfare that flopped...the US Olympic Committee has unveiled the Team USA uniform for the opening ceremonies in London at the end of this month. Our American athletes will sport the iconic red, white and blue on uniforms designed by noted American clothing designer Ralph Lauren. Only one problem - the uniforms have been made, not in the good ole USA, but in China.

Now a lot of us can get our dander up when we think about our American athletes, representing everything that is good about our country, parading through London wearing Chinese made uniforms. But it is of particular importance to some politicians in an election year. The national Democratic Leadership has taken up the issue and is certainly stirring the pot on this one trying to win support from textile workers and big labor in general.

In principle I agree with the outrage. The Olympic committee should have had the common sense to put American athletes in American made clothing. What I don't agree with is the hypocrisy of the politicians making this an election year issue, when their own closets are most likely filled with foreign made goods. That's the reality of the issue. If you or I walked into most any clothing store here in the Heartland, the majority of the clothes available for sale is NOT made in America. We should only cast stones toward the US Olympic committee's choice if our own closets are as patriotic as our rhetoric.

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