U.S. Marshal: Accused cattle rustler in Mexico 2 months

Ron Shepard (prior mugshot)
Ron Shepard (prior mugshot)

BENTON, IL (KFVS) - Accused cattle rustler Ron Shepard spent at least the last two months down in Mexico as federal, state, and local authorities worked to track him down.

That's according to Don Slazinik, the U.S. Marshal for Illinois' southern district.

Slazinik came down to Benton Thursday to talk about Shepard's Tuesday arrest.

A Deputy Marshal in Texas says they nabbed him in Mazatlan.

"This is the perfect case," Slazinik said. "If we can bring anybody to justice, this is the kind of scum bag we want to."

Slazinik says Marshals have no boundaries to cross or jurisdictions to worry about, and that flexibility helped lead to Shepard.

We contacted our people, established some information that led us down to Mexico," Slazinik explained. "And we have an international contingency down there. So, we've got sources we can go to that can help us return, interpret, and move information down there as well as up here."

Shepard went missing March 27, 2012 and was last seen at the United Producers Auction Barn in Goreville.

I asked Slazinik if he knew who might have been helping the cattle buyer stay on the run.

"No but I will say this. I do know that there's more involved here. We're not the investigating agency so I don't know who's going to be charged with that. I'm assuming some other federal agency is going to get involved at that point. But, I do know there are more people being looked at. So, they'll take that wherever it carries them," Slazinik said.

He says an arrest like Shepard's shatters the myth that crossing the border means escaping prosecution in our country.

Shepard waived his right to a hearing in Texas and will be transported back to Benton, Illinois to face a federal judge on charges of violating his probation.

Shepard was convicted in 2004 and spent time in federal prison on wire fraud charges connected to cattle deals in Florida.

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