Texas attorney plans suit against accused cattle rustler, calls arrest "imminent"

Ron Shepard
Ron Shepard

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - As authorities continue the nationwide search for accused cattle rustler Ron Shepard, alleged victims in five states join forces to go after him in federal court.

Dallas attorney John Key says he is working on a federal civil suit to recoup the money allegedly stolen by Shepard and his partner, Jeremy Pierce.

Key identifies his clients as business owners in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

He says the all want justice.

"They want money or blood," Key said. "And we'd prefer to have the money. And he knows where it is as does Mr. Pierce, in my opinion. But, Mr. Shepard no doubt. We're just anxiously waiting to hear of his capture, which we hope and understand will be imminent."

Key says the big question is--what happened to the nearly $10 million Shepard and Pierce are accused of stealing?

"That's more money than you can spend on a shopping spree, you know. So, we're hoping that the money has been hidden somewhere in the United States and not overseas."

Shepard went missing in Johnson County in late March.

Pierce remains in custody in Sharp County, Arkansas.

Key says he hopes to have his suit filed within the next two weeks, and anticipates other defendants may be named as the case progresses.

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