Parking problems on major Cape Girardeau street

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Improvements to the Broadway corridor are creating some problems with parking.

"Right now there are people parking on the wrong side of the road, the city was hoping by putting pavers where parking was allowed, it would visually show people you park on the pavers, and drive on the asphalt, but some people don't seem to be getting that," said David McMullin, the Vice President of Fronabarger Concreters, Inc.

"Right now the construction is there, and people see construction trucks parked just in the middle of the road basically because if you're going westbound there is no parking, and so they park there, and so people so oh well I can park there too," said Cape Girardeau City Manager Scott Meyer.

Meyer said the entire section is still a construction zone. So, he said construction trucks can park where they need to, to get the work done. Private vehicles need to park where designated.

"When you're actually doing construction there's a little more leeway for those folks to stop, block something off, to do some work, and there's still some irrigation work, and some work going on, so those construction vehicles they can actually do that, but private vehicles aren't allowed to do that," said Meyer.

The workers laid temporary striping Monday to show cars what are driving lanes, and what are spots for parking.

"So hopefully once there's striping down, people will know this is a driving lane, and not a parking lane," said McMullin.

McMullin said they can't put up "no parking" signs along that side of the road because the city doesn't have an ordinance allowing them to do so.

"Right now there is no ordinance to put no parking on the north side and the city if they do put no parking signs up, they'd be unenforceable at this time, so they didn't feel like it would be a good idea to put them up, unless they could enforce them," said McMullin.

Meyer said they don't need an ordinance or signs. He said now, with lane stripes, parking offenders can be ticketed for blocking traffic.

"We don't need signs on the west side, because on the west side there's no place to park, if you're parking there you'd be parking on the sidewalks, so where people are parking is actually the through travel way, so what we need to do is put the center line marks out there to show they're parking in the travel way, then we can cite them for blocking the travel way," said Meyer.

McMullin said the project is ahead of schedule by two weeks. He said they plan to have the irrigation system finished by the end of this week, and start with trees and landscaping next week. He said the electrical elements will take a little longer, and street lights won't go in until October or November.

McMullin said the drought has helped construction move along quickly, even though the hot weather has been miserable for the workers.

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