SIU announces layoffs among non-tenured track faculty

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - More hard times and layoffs appear to be ahead for Southern Illinois University.

According to a press release from the Non-Tenured Track Faculty Association (NTTFA) the university sent out notices to 16 non-tenured faculty members from various departments on campus Friday.

Anita "A. J." Barrett is the union representative for the non-tenured faculty at SIU. She says that there are 16 layoffs for non-tenured faculty at this time.  Two of them are non-continuing term appointments. Of the remaining 14, eight are for reduced assignments and the final six are full time layoffs.

"Today's decision is perplexing for a number of reasons," said Anita "A. J." Barrett, President of the SIU NTTFA. "In many cases the non-tenure track faculty members perform the lion's share of the undergraduate teaching mission in the classroom. It is almost a certainty that SIU students and the quality of their undergraduate education will be affected."

Barrett also says plans are in place to layoff the entire staff of the Southern Regions Early Childhood Program. The cut amounts to 70 full time positions in a program that offers Pre-K to hundreds of children throughout southern Illinois.

Barrett says that the layoff notices for the employees at SIUs Early Childhood program are procedural things in accordance with their contracts with the university. She said it's "highly unlikely" that those layoffs will even happen. Paperwork at the administrative level that has to be filed with the state and then the funds for the program will be released.

But, the layoffs had to go out because at this time they have not received notification from the state that the funds for the program are set to be released. Those funds are typically released in August.

According to Barrett the union plans to "vigorously pursue all remedies" to stop these layoffs from taking place.

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