Hwy. 60 buckles in New Madrid County

NEW MADRID COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The road has buckled on Highway 60 in New Madrid County causing a car to go off the road.

New Madrid County dispatch confirms the road buckled at Hwy. E and Hwy. 60.

No word if anyone was injured.

Just last week the Missouri Department of Transportation warned drivers of the possibility of roads buckling due to the heat.

MoDOT says extreme heat can cause pavement to "blow up." The trouble starts when moisture seeps into a crack or joint, which weakens the pavement. The heat then causes the weak spot to buckle or warp.

MoDOT Maintenance Engineer Mark Giessinger says it's difficult to know when or where the pavement will blow up. But he says crews will try to make repairs as soon as possible.

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