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Gordonville Fire Protection District still no permanent chief


The Gordonville Fire Protection District saga continues.

Tuesday night, the fire board held an open meeting, where the community and firefighters spoke out for an allotted 15 minutes.

People said their main question is why. They still want to know why, the former fire chief was let go, and why they won't let him return.

The fire board said they will not discuss the reasoning publicly other than he didn't show good leadership qualities.

"Somebody needs to get things organized in there, seems like there's friction between the firefighters, and the board," said Harry Rust, who lives in the Gordonville Fire Protection District. "And I think that needs to be worked out."

"We just want some answers, I want to be here for the folks of Gordonville," said firefighter Tim Bleichroth. "We're not here to make a stink, we're really not. We just want to do our job, we want to do it well. We want to make sure the people behind us have been trained and know what they're doing, because I'm not running into a fire, and I'm not going to be on an EMS call, unless I know somebody behind me has been trained, and I've trained with them."

Jerry Siemers, the appointed Assistant Interim Chief will serve as acting fire chief for the next 90 days. He told Heartland News, he will work to fill open firefighter positions.

Some firefighters said they won't leave the force because they want to protect people, they just want their chief back. They said it's important to have properly trained firefighters for both their safety, and the public's safety.

The fire board voted to proceed with making the board a 5 member board instead of 3 member board, in order to show more transparency to the public. In November, the issue will go to voters. If they approve that measure, candidates for the open position will go to the April ballot.

The fire board also suggested a community advisory board to involve the community more in the fire protection district proceedings.

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