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7/6/12 - Broadway

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Been to downtown Cape recently? Better yet, have you driven down Broadway? It is not the most convenient thoroughfare to navigate these days. Hopes are high that progress is heading back to downtown and its planned route is right down Broadway, all the way from "Pacific to terrific" as they say.

Having undergone the major renovation here in front of KFVS, I can see that it would be easy for a small business owner, someone who depends on foot traffic to come through the door, to consider throwing in the towel. Put yourself in their shoes. Could you afford to forego your income for a month? Or at least a big part of it? Yeah...me neither. It is tough running a small business anyway, but it must be extremely difficult to run a retail business in these conditions. You've got to applaud the spirit of those folks. They have stayed open; making alley ways their front doors - working together to keep things moving forward.

Local businesses are the heart of every successful downtown. When you shop locally, you help someone make a mortgage payment, or maybe even send a kid off to college. While the Broadway project is ahead of schedule, it will still be months before the work is done. The completed project should be beautiful and a welcome addition to downtown. Until then shopping on Broadway may not the most convenient thing to do, but it is important. If you can, support the merchants on the Broadway corridor. You'll be glad you did.

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