Some cooling centers barely being used despite extreme heat

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A number of cooling centers are open throughout the Heartland because of the extreme and potentially deadly heat.

But some are empty.

In Marion the senior citizens center is serving as one of the cooling centers in town.

And it's the only place in town that was opened for people to escape the heat.

But in the four days since opening the center, no one has stopped in.

"I'm hoping that neighbors are helping neighbors out there, said donna Stotlar, Marion Emergency Management Director."And that's what we have to assume right now. Everyone is hopefully staying cool and staying safe. And using the precautions they've learned how to take care of themselves."

The city of Marion will keep the senior citizens center open while temperatures hover around triple digits.

The Marion City Library is also open as a cooling center during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

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