Possible human bones found near Mississippi River

DYER COUNTY, TN (KFVS) - A riverside joy ride turns gruesome when an ATV rider stumbles upon some possible human skeletal remains.

According to Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box, a man was riding a four-wheeler around Island #10 on the Mississippi River Saturday when he spotted something on the ground that looked like a human femur, or a thigh bone. That's when he called the police.

The sheriff says investigators collected the bone as evidence and scoured the area to see if any more remains were in the area. They found a second bone nearby.

Box says the remains will be taken to the Shelby County Medical Examiner's office in Memphis for DNA testing. Authorities will work to confirm they are human and learn the identity of the person.

The sheriff says because the river's been so low, parts of the island that are normally underwater have been revealed. Box says that's made it a popular spot for all-terrain vehicles, and also made this gruesome find possible.

The island is located just south of the Mississippi River Bridge that connects Dyersburg and Caruthersville.

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