Can Cape run out of water?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A hot and dry summer is raising concerns about water supplies in the Heartland.

With the summer conditions, people tend to use more water. So, some wonder if the City of Cape Girardeau can actually run out of water.

"Right now, it's not a problem," said Kevin Priester with Alliance Water Resources.

Priester said despite the increased summer water use, he's not worried about running out of water.

"We're still in good shape right now, provided there's no big mechanical failures, or main breaks, huge fires, those are the kind of things we worry about right now. If everything is running good without any problems, we're in good shape," said Priester.

Priester said the city set its daily production record of 9.3 million gallons of water Thursday. He said the total production capacity is just over 10 million gallons.

He said that extra one million gallons is more than most people think.

"It would actually be a small city you could supply pretty easily," said Priester. "It's kind of nice to have conditions as bad as they are right now, and still be in reasonably good shape."

Priester said if the water supply ever reaches a critical level, they would talk about voluntary restrictions.

"People are watering lawns, and plants, flowers, gardens, use a lot of water for recreational activities, pools, sprinklers, staying cool, those kinds of things, and there's absolutely no restrictions right now," said Priester. "If it ever would get critical, which I don't see that happening, those are the kinds of things you look at first."

"We're not anywhere close to that point," said Priester.

He said they've had hot days, and high water usage, but not quite this many days in a row.

"It appears to be more consistent at this point, and it will probably last a little longer," said Priester. "We'll see how it goes as the drought continues and progresses."

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