City of Metropolis asks for more fan donations after running out

METROPOLIS, IL (KFVS) - The city of Metropolis is asking for donations of fans again for those without air conditioning.

Many families in the area are without air conditioning and in dire need of fans.

Fans are being collected through the AMVETS and may be dropped off at 1105 Pearl Street, the home of Ray Vaughn, or can be brought to the City Hall.

The AMVETS have already given out more than 100 fans. Vaughn says they ran out of fans five or six days ago and have been getting four to five calls a day from people needing fans.

The fans will be given to those in need.

"We're gonna help them people that need it, that need the circulation," said Ray Vaughn. "The lady, the baby that's lying there. It's so hot and all. The child, the kid it can't get out and play. He needs a fan. And everybody don't have air conditioning. We're fortunate the ones that do."

As temperatures rise, remember to check on neighbors, especially the elderly or those with young children.

The city asks you to remember your four legged friends with shelter and plenty of fresh water.

Check for your latest forecast.

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