Study: US to need 5.6 million healthcare workers by 2020

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (KFVS) - A new study just released by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce says the United States will need millions of new healthcare workers by the year 2020.

The study also found that 4.6 million of those jobs will require a college degree.

Eighty million baby boomers will have retired by that time," said Karen Shaw with Southern Illinois Healthcare. "So when we look at our healthcare, we probably have a lot of nurses that fall into that category over the next decade. So you have to plan ahead, and look ahead. We've been in a nursing shortage since 1960."

Healthcare related jobs include: Hospital accountants, pharmaceutical sales representatives, doctor's secretaries, and more.

According to the center's director, the average professional healthcare professional makes 2.5 times as much as the average support worker.

Carly O'Keefe will have more on this story tonight on Heartland News.

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