Heartland corridor between crime cities

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - How do law enforcement in the Heartland monitor crime traveling back and forth between two of the most dangerous cities in the country?

The cities of St. Louis and Memphis rank top 5 for the most dangerous cities in the U.S. according to FBI crime data.

Memphis ranks number 5, while St. Louis hits at number 3.

The crime rate in most major U.S. cities is dropping, but Memphis bucked that trend by actually seeing more violent crimes, including more murders.

And in St. Louis, the total number of murders went down, but violent crime rates went up.

So, law enforcement in our region react.

Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Clark Parrott said Interstate 55 is a known drug corridor. He said Memphis can be a hub, and crime can spread out from there via Interstate 40 or Interstate 55.

He said they treat Interstate 55 like any interstate, a busy, highly traveled road. He said they monitor it for violations, and work to cut down on traffic problems.

Cape Girardeau Police Officer Darin Hickey said they are always aware of the possibility that a criminal element could be passing through Cape Girardeau, and could stop for the night. He said officers keep an eye on hotels and any suspicious activity.

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