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Mo. No Call List now includes cell phone numbers


The calls can be annoying, especially when they blow up your cell phone.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation that allows people to add their cell phone number to the Missouri No Call list for telemarketers. So not only can people put their land line number on the list, now they can add their mobile number.

Nixon said the No Call list needs to catch up with modern technology, since a lot of people don't have land lines anymore, and only use their cell phones.

When people put their number on the list, it restricts telemarketers from calling or texting them.

"Awful, I hated them, they just keep going and going, it's like harassment," said Patricia Hunter.

"It's always constantly ringing, cause they're relentless, they don't stop," said Nathan Wharton.

"You're in the middle of work and you get the random call, and it's like I'm in the middle of work, I can't answer, the phone right now, leave me alone," said Tiffany Munroe.

Telemarketing calls aren't on most people's favorites list.

Hunter said she used to get the calls all the time, but now they're stopped.

"Because I'm on the Missouri No Call list," said Hunter.

Telemarketers can't call Hunter, or anyone else whose number is on the No Call list.

"I still get bill collectors, but no telemarketers," said Hunter.

And now, people can add their cell phone number to the restricted list.

"I know a lot of people that that's their only phone is their cell phone, and their getting the telemarketing calls on their cell phone," said Munroe.

"Not everybody has a contract, a lot of people pay for minutes, so if you've got telemarketers calling you, every time you answer the phone, one second, that's a minute," said Wharton.

Cell phone users like Wharton say they're happy about the cell phone number addition.

"House phone is for business, cell phones are for personal use, friends, and family," said Wharton.

"I don't have to put up with it, I don't have to hang up on them and be rude," said Hunter.

But not everyone thinks the list works.

"My mother's on there, and she still gets the calls from the telemarketer wanting something from her," said Munroe.

So Munroe said she's found her own way.

"I just say I don't have the money right now, and they hang up on me," said Munroe.

"My personal opinion, all cell phones, prepaid, contract everything, should be on a no call list, there's other ways of contacting people," said Wharton.

You can add your number to the list at the Attorney General Chris Koster's website here.

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