Fed Ex truck rolls trailer, hits IDOT truck in construction zone on I-57

The Illinois State Police District 13 reports a crash on Interstate 57 southbound near milepost 65 at 1:16 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police say the crash was in the construction zone north of West Frankfort's southbound exit. They say the driver of a Fed Ex truck tractor, 49-year-old Steffon D. Benard of Memphis, was pulling two Fed Ex trailers when he shifted lanes in the construction zone to avoid hitting a blue car. As a result of a fast lane change, police says the load on the rear trailer shifted causing the trailer to roll onto its right side.

While trying to avoid hitting a car, the Fed Ex truck driver ran into the back of an IDOT Chevy pickup series 2500. The driver of that pickup was Paul M. Forby, 62, of Benton and according to police, he was not hurt.

ISP says citations for Benard are pending due to the investigation.

When driving through a construction zone, ISP says it is imperative that all drivers pay close attention to the signs and obey speed limits. They say this is a good example of what can happen if we fail to slow down and be patient. ISP asks that you please remember if you "See Orange Slow Down, Save Lives."

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