2 more charged in Memphis man's death in Paducah

Donald Fowler (Source: Paducah PD)
Donald Fowler (Source: Paducah PD)
Corey Thomas (Source: Paducah PD)
Corey Thomas (Source: Paducah PD)
Keynan Starnes (Source: Paducah PD)
Keynan Starnes (Source: Paducah PD)
Paducah police investigation death of Memphis man early Tuesday morning.
Paducah police investigation death of Memphis man early Tuesday morning.
Michael Bouie from Memphis was found shot early Tuesday morning at a Paducah apartment complex (Photo courtesy of his family)
Michael Bouie from Memphis was found shot early Tuesday morning at a Paducah apartment complex (Photo courtesy of his family)

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - Two men have been charged in connection to a homicide in Paducah earlier this month.

Corey A. Thomas, 27, of Glenwood Drive, and Keynan Starnes, 34, of South Friendship Road, arrested on one count each of first-degree hindering prosecution or apprehension.

Det. Sgt. Brian Laird said the two men helped accused murderer Donald Fowler flee Paducah after the shooting death early June 12 of Michael T. Bouie. 

It happened around 3 a.m. June 12 at Elm Court in the 700 block of South 22nd Street.

Police say a press conference was held at 4 p.m. Wednesday in the conference room of the Paducah Police Department about new developments in the investigation into the shooting death.

Police say Donald R. Fowler, 28, of Paducah was charged in a warrant with murder and taken into custody in Cincinnati where Paducah police plan to pick him up. Fowler's girlfriend, Lindsay Clapp, 29, of South 22nd Street in Paducah was arrested on a warrant and charged with first degree hindering of prosecution or apprehension.

Det. Sgt. Brian Laird said investigators developed Fowler as a possible suspect Tuesday afternoon. They received information that Fowler and his girlfriend, Lindsay Clapp, had fled Paducah and traveled to Cincinnati. Laird contacted investigators in Cincinnati and requested assistance in locating the couple, and asked that Fowler be arrested on the outstanding bench warrants.

They were located by the Cincinnati Police Department/ATF joint Violent Crime Enforcement Team. The Paducah Police Department also received assistance from the Cincinnati Homicide Division.

Laird and primary investigator Det. Anthony Copeland traveled to Cincinnati Tuesday night to interview Fowler and Clapp. They returned to Paducah Wednesday and obtained a warrant charging Fowler with murder.

Clapp was charged with hindering prosecution because she assisted Fowler in leaving Paducah and traveling to her mother's home in Cincinnati.

Laird said Fowler is not related to Bouie, and no one they've spoken to witnessed the shooting, but he said they were still able to pinpoint the suspect.

"They way we did it was through speaking with lots of people, and multiple interviews with people throughout the day. And based on those interviews, we had a pretty good feeling that Mr. Fowler was involved, or was there and witnessed the incident," said Laird.

Police say she and Fowler remain in the Hamilton County Justice Center, awaiting extradition to Kentucky.

Bouie's mother, Chejuana Chase, said she's glad someone is in custody in connection to her son's death. He said it will help the family with closure.

"He told us they had caught our son's killer, and we was just, I couldn't do nothing but cry, just cried, it was tears of joy, because now my son got justice, he got justice, and we don't have to live the rest of our life wondering, who killed our son," said Chase.

According to the Paducah Police Department, Michael T. Bouie from Memphis, was found on the sidewalk between an apartment building and a parking lot. They say he had been shot several times.

"His sister said she found him and held him in her arms," said Chejuana Chase, Bouie's mother. "Now we are praying police catch who did this. He has two sons back in Memphis. My son was a good boy. He loved his music. We miss him so much."

The officers who arrived on scene first started CPR on the victim until an ambulance crew arrived. Bouie was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:37 a.m., according to McCracken County Deputy Coroner Ryan Johnston.

Det. Sgt. Brian Laird said Bouie apparently was visiting relatives at Elmwood Court. Bouie's father, Michael Chase, said his son was a great man.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police department at (270) 444-8550 or Crime Stoppers at 443-TELL.

Friends of Michael Bouie have set up a fund for funeral expenses and his two young sons. It is at:

Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church
P.O. Box 2831
Paducah, KY 42003

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