6/10/12 - Large Sodas

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (see photo) is making headlines again. You've seen the story, proposing to ban the sale of large-sized sodas that contain sugar. Under his plan, anyone in New York City would not be able to buy a soft drink over 16 ounces in a restaurant or convenience store.
Now, there may be some merit to his taking on America's soft drink addiction in the name of better health. According to the Institute of Medicine sugary drinks are the largest contributor of added calories to the American diet and Mayor Bloomberg says he is pushing the ban because soft drinks are linked to obesity.
Well...how ironic is it then that he made the announcement on the very day that he proclaimed it Donut Day in New York City? When called out for that misstep on national TV, Mayor Bloomberg said, "Don't be ridiculous. One donut's not going to hurt you. In moderation most things are OK." Let me repeat that " in moderation most things are OK."

To me that's the only statement Bloomberg has made regarding this story that has made sense. No amount of legislation is going to keep anyone who wants a bigger soft drink from having one. Bloomberg's soda stance will do nothing but get the good mayor more publicity, which he obviously craves like some people crave…well…donuts. Mayor Bloomberg is not out to hurt anyone, but maybe he is better taken in moderation.

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