Health officials advise precautions to avoid ticks

WHEATON, Ill. (AP) - Tick season is here and the DuPage County Health Department is advising residents to take precautions.

Ticks can carry Lyme disease and other illnesses, so it's important to avoid them. Consult a doctor if you experience a rash or illness accompanied by a fever after a tick bite. Treatment with appropriate antibiotics shouldn't be delayed.

The best way to enjoy the outdoors and avoid ticks is to stay out of shin-high grass and weeds. Walk in the center of trails so weeds don't brush against you. Check often for ticks climbing toward open skin. Wear white or light-colored long-sleeved shirts and long pants so the tiny ticks are easier to see. Use repellents containing DEET or permethrin (per-METH'-rin) to treat clothes.

Check pets for ticks if you let them outdoors.

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